Deblina Majumder 2021 Cohort

From the Corner to Spotlight! A dance teacher helps the student to find the song in her heart, beats in her feet and a passion for life! This sums up my experience at SLDA Instructor Program and overall being a part of this school past 2 years.

This was my very first experience as an instructor trainee and hence every lesson was a new step. From the why, what, who and how of Street Latin dance styles to the nuances of conducting a class and building a relationship with all students, the program aims to cover most aspects. It provides the theory and practical know-how of being a teacher. Being selected through this program has now allowed me to learn more styles and drill my basics with other senior teachers at En-Motion.

From the first day of my dancing journey I was always interested towards Bachata dance style and was apprehensive to go on this teacher training program, since you required to have experience in both salsa and bachata. But at the end of 16 weeks I am happy to have taken the step. I still have a long way to go but my feet are happy learning the Salsa basic and this new genre.

Gary, our director and mentor, had been very helpful and diligent with us. Thank you for continually motivating us through this journey. I look forward to learning more! I also had the opportunity to learn along with some talented students who are now my fellow interns and I'm happy to be dancing alongside them and growing together.

2 years ago I remember the moment I sat at the corner of the dance school observing the beautiful dances and trainers and wishing to be able to dance with them one day, and today I am a step closer towards my Spotlight moment.

Thank you SLDA!

Palash Jain 2021 Cohort

SLDA’s instructorship program is a fantastic way for advanced dancers to explore a new skill in their dance journey - how to pass on the gift of dance through teaching.

Gary and his team break down basics to a very fundamental level and provide tailored feedback to work on, which helps to iron out any bad habits long time dancers may have developed.

The teaching pedagogy adopted is also very exciting to learn and put into to practice through fun role playing and real life classes.

Overall, I will recommend this program to dancers that are passionate about sharing their craft and dedicated to perfecting their basics!

2021 SZABINA HUTTNER (Thumbnail)
Szabina Huttner 2021 Cohort

The SLDA instructor program is an excellent learning opportunity for anyone who want to invest in their Street Latin journey.

The program syllabus is carefully crafted to provide you a well rounded knowledge of latin dance and music history, perfect your salsa and bachata basic technique, teach you how to conduct a group class as well as improve your lead and follow technique during social dancing.

Gary is an inspiring teacher who is passionate about his craft and has the ability to pass on valuable knowledge while making each class challenging, yet engaging and fun. The encouragement and support by Gary and the rest of the SLDA Team create a sense of community where you can improve your dancing, build your confidence and acquire new friendships.

I am proud to be part of this community of incredible instructors and highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to take their Street Latin journey to the next level.

Victor Viroovallen 2021 Cohort

I attended the Dance Instructor Training 2021 after attending the Dancer Program 2021. It was a life changing experience. I learnt many Salsa and Bachata dance techniques from Instructor Mr Gary. I learnt all the relevant theories as well. I improved my dancing skills. On top of that he taught me how to teach using the correct techniques.

My dance teaching techniques improved and my confidence level increased tremendously. I would highly recommend all the enthusiastic dancers who wants to be instructors to attend Dance Teacher Training at SLDA.

Fiona Chen 2019 Cohort

I learnt so much from my Instructor Training Program in 2019! It was a back to basics experience focusing on all the fundamental techniques necessary in a dance instructor. I not only learned how to dance better I learnt how to teach.

I'm so thankful for the program from which I graduated and became an En Motion Instructor.

Chloe Chiew 2019 Cohort

I started my Street Latin dance journey by a friend’s recommendation 3 years ago. Dancing has always been a part of my life ever since I was a child and I have found a new love for Bachata and Salsa ever since. I always love sharing my passion to more people, hence I took up this Instructorship training course immediately when it was first launched.

Through this instructorship program, I have learned the correct technique of all the basic moves. Besides learning how to conduct a class, Gary focuses not only on the proper basics but also the theories behind all the dances. Ranging from its origin, the creation of musics and the different genres that leads to what we are dancing now. The weekly classes were well structured and allow us to follow through.

Other than that, this course allows us to have shadow sessions on the actual classes. This allow us to gain more exposure and also to understanding and apply what we have learnt in class.